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OWOE - About Us
About Us - Our World of Energy (OWOE)

OWOE is an interactive website that has been created to provide information to the American public on the subject of energy. It is OWOE's intent to provide an unbiased view of energy, including pros and cons of each source, in order to inform the public on where the energy that drives modern life comes from, why this subject is important, and how technology is changing the industry to address modern problems such as climate change, scarcity of resources, and environmental impact.

This website brings together key information related to each primary form of modern energy from multiple sources in order to present as complete a picture as possible. Written material is high level and tailored to the non-technical audience. Additional information is provided in a variety of formats, including photos and videos from outside sources. Key resources and technical references are provided in case the viewer is interested in digging deeper into any particular topic. In addition, links to resources specially focused on education are provided, and an interactive platform design tool (both oil & gas and wind platforms) is provided that is unique in the energy business.

William Luyties
Founder of Our World of Energy, Executive Producer, and Technical Advisor

Over 45 years' experience in the energy industry, including 30 years with Shell Oil, 6 years with Luminant (formerly TXU, the largest electricity provider in Texas), and 9 years as a consultant to the energy industry. His involvement on multiple multi-billion dollar projects in the United States and internationally, including offshore oil and gas platforms, coal and natural gas fired steam electric plants, and nuclear power generating plants has included aspects of design, construction, project management, project economics, and corporate energy strategy. Since officially retiring from the corporate world, he has turned his attention toward renewable energy and leveraging his experience to help educate the American public on the importance of energy issues. He has a BScE and MScE in Civil Engineering from MIT, is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas and California, a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and a past recipient of the ASCE OPAL (Outstanding Projects and Leadership) Award.

Michael Luyties
Chief Technical Officer

Michael Luyties has gained a reputation as a leader in the video game development industry with more than ten years serving in roles ranging from Quality Control Lead to Producer and Technical Producer and has been responsible for the product launch of a number of highly anticipated video game titles. These roles have required close interaction and coordination between artists, programmers, quality control technicians, management, and customers to help ensure timely launches of high quality products.

As a web developer, Michael has also designed and developed a number of innovative and creative internet sites and mobile applications, targeting small businesses and giving them equal digital capabilities alongside much larger competitors.

Currently, Michael is applying his experience with internet design and the video game industry to design and develop seamless digital platforms for television projects requiring national distribution and promotion.

Mailing Address
807 Buena Vista Unit C
San Clemente, CA 92672