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OWOE Sponsor - Standard Ad Block
Setup Fee: $99.99
Monthly Fee: $39.99 to $149.99

Your ad will look like this:
OWOE Energy Resources Co
Energy company with focus on renewable sources of energy

Your ad will appear only in the region that you choose during the purchase process (IE: California). All sponsors in a region are selected randomly.

OWOE Sponsor - Large Custom Ad Block
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Monthly Fee: $149.99 to $199.99
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We will work with you to design a custom ad that will be displayed in the Energy Category page of your choice and all associated energy topic pages:

You may also provide a video advertisement to be placed on your chosen Energy Category page that plays automatically with no sound and an unmute button.
OWOE Sponsorship
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Monthly Fee: $399.99
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Your company logo will appear at the top of every page like this:

You will also receive the Large Custom ad block which will be shown exclusively on the home page, the "What's New on OWOE?" page as well as on the Introduction to Energy category page and all associated energy topic pages for maximum exposure!