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Hotels that are leading the way in sustainability
In September 2018 Marriott announced that its Courtyard Marriott in Lancaster, Pennsylvania became the first Marriott-branded hotel in the United States to be 100% solar powered. It is also believed to be the first solar array in the country installed for the sole purpose of generating 100% of the electricity needs of a hotel. The 2,700-panel solar array occupies an area of 135,200 square feet or twice the area of a football field and was placed on the roof of a warehouse about half a mile from the hotel. The array produces 1,239 MWh of power annually for the hotel, which consumes 1,177 MWh for its 133 guest rooms. Excess power is sold to the utility. The system is reported to cost $1.5M of which about $0.5M was provided through a state grant, and the project is eligible for the federal investment tax credit. For more information, see the High Hotels Ltd solar press kit.

Although this Courtyard is notable for its achievement and recent publicity, other hotels around the world and in the US have been in the forefront of converting to sustainability. The Hotel at Oberlin, a 70-room boutique hotel owned by Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio, is the first hotel in the nation to incorporate solar, geothermal and radiant heating and cooling. When it opened in 2016, it was one of only five hotels in the United States built to meet the United States Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum standard. The hotel is entirely powered by an on-site solar array and uses geothermal power for heating and cooling, aided by a radiant temperature control system with metal ceiling panels that dramatically increases efficiency. See The Hotel at Oberlin.

But undoubtedly the most eye-catching example is Finolhu Villas, an over-water resort on Kaafu Atoll in The Maldives that opened in 2016. It is billed as the world's first 5-star resort to be completely powered by solar energy and was designed by the famed architect Yuji Yamazaki to have as little impact as possible on the surrounding environment. The resort, set on a 13-acre island, is not only a one-of-a-kind getaway, but an example of how energy independence can be achieved even in a challenging environment for development.