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OWOE - Amazing Energy - green-companies
Companies that are doing their part in the transition to renewable energy
Throughout the world companies are stepping up to the challenge of climate change and doing their part to reduce carbon emissions and lead the change away from the burning of fossil fuels. The most common technique is to purchase power that is generated from renewable sources and/or purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). For example, Google, which is the world's largest corporate buyer of renewable power, announced that they reached 100% renewable power totaling 2.6 gigawatts for all their global operations in 2017. In April 2018 Apple announced that its global facilities were powered with 100% clean energy totaling 626 megawatts and that 23 of their manufacturing partners had committed to power all of their Apple production with 100 percent clean energy.

However, there are many smaller companies that don't make the headlines that are also part of this movement. In this section of Amazing Energy, Our World of Energy recognizes some of these other exceptional and groundbreaking companies that produce and operate with energy directly generated from green or renewable power, each in their own unique way.