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Greek Island of Astypalaia
Volkswagen has signed a memorandum of understanding with Greece to help abolish fossil fuels in the island of Astypalaia by introducing all-electric vehicles and accompanying systems to transform a community of 1,300 permanent residents in the southeastern Aegean Sea with carbon-free solutions. The German automaker said it would first supply and install equipment to enable a complete switch to electromobility and smart mobility. The plan is to replace the current fleet of 1,500 vehicles with electric ones, from scooters to ambulances and light commercial vehicles, and reduce their number by a third. Greece will contribute to the plan by developing infrastructure and replacing the existing four diesel-powered electrical generators with a hybrid system based on wind and solar power, coupled with battery storage. The new energy sources are planned to cover most of the electricity demand. The project starts in the first quarter of next year and it is scheduled for completion by the end of 2026. It is hoped that the transformation of Astypalaia will establish a model that can be applied in Europe and beyond.

Volkswagen's CEO stated: "Politics, business and society have a common responsibility and common interest to limit climate change and to protect good living conditions on this planet. Second, climate protection and carbon-free mobility do not mean a loss of quality of life. Instead, they make life healthier, cleaner, easier, more convenient." He indicated that they would be providing its ID.3 and ID.4 models, contributed by its commercial branch for public authorities and services.

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