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OWOE - Amazing Energy - solar-cars
Elf Solar-Pedal Hybrid
The Elf is a solar-powered bike-car hybrid that's turning up in cities across the country. Elf is short for electric, light, and fun. You start it up with a modified bicycle pedal crank and steer and brake with handlebars. You can pedal or use the electric motor or run on solar power. The Elf has a 100W solar panel on the roof that charges the battery, which offers a range of around 30 miles; more if you pedal. On a flat surface using the electric motor only, the Elf can travel at 20 miles per hour; with pedal assist it can go 25 mph or more. With the standard battery pack, tests have shown a 170 lb rider going over light hills, with modest sunlight on a mild day, and travelling at 15 mph, can travel 18 miles with no pedaling. With pedaling, many Elf riders can go 30 miles. With a lot of pedaling, range is unlimited. An optional battery pack increases range by 35-40%.

The Elf is considered "street legal" and requires no registration or insurance, with federal rules classifying it as a bicycle. However, some state or local rules have different requirements. The price tag starts at $5,500 for the solo model, but the cost is offset by using no fuel, not requiring insurance, and possibly eliminating the need for a gym membership.

Organic Transit, the makers of the Elf vehicle, tout it as the future of environmentally friendly urban transport, combining pedal power with battery propulsion and solar charging.

For more information visit the Organic Transit website.
Organic Transit