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Hampshire College's Living Building Certification
Hampshire College, a small New England college in Amherst, Massachusets, has taken a leadership role in the drive to create net-zero infrastructure. In 2016 it opened the R. W. Kern Center, a 17,000-square-foot living building, designed to operate completely off-the-grid by providing its own energy and water and treating its own waste. It is only the seventeenth building in the world to achieve Living Building Certification (LBC), which requires the creation of a net-zero energy, waste, and water building. It meets the stringent requirements of the world's most advanced green building standard, the Living Building Challenge: it generates its own electricity, collects and treats its own water, and is built with local, non-toxic, and low-carbon materials. Located at the heart of the camputs, this multi-functional building serves as a living laboratory where students and the public can study its innovative systems and evaluate its performance tied to measures for sustainability.

The building's electricity is provided by solar power from a rooftop solar array that provides about 110% of the building's power needs over the course of the year, with the excess power fed back into the grid.

In 2018 the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) awarded Hampshire College the Campus Sustainability Achievement Award, recognizing the R.W. Kern Center as an outstanding achievement toward sustainability in higher education. See Hampshire College Wins Achievement Award.

For more information visit Hampshire College's R.W. Kern Center.
R.W. Kern Center