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OWOE - Amazing Energy - universities
University Energy Programs
A number of US universities are at the forefront of the transition to renewable energy. These institutions are well-positioned to make significant impacts on such a far-reaching issue. In their primary role, universities employ some of the most educated and intelligent members of society to pass their knowledge on to future generations of scientists, engineers, and corporate and political leaders who will shape the future diretion of the country. In addition, they conduct research in advanced technical fields both as part of the education process as well as to support industry. The students thamselves have both optimistic and idealistic views of the world and the belief that they can, and will, make positive changes. They are either unaware of, or undaunted by, the challenges presented by the world outside the university. Today's students are strong and vocal advocates of protecting the earth and the environment and see climate change as one of the defining issues of their generation. Every year hundreds of thousands of such students graduate, enter the workforce and begin to influence the world.

The university programs presented herein are helping lead the way to a renewable enery future.