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University of Queensland 100% Renewables
The University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia became the world's first major university to offset 100% of its electricity with renewable energy, when its 64 megawatt solar farm at Warwick in the South-East of Queensland was completed in July 2020. The solar farm consists of just over 200,000 panels spread over 150 hectares. The panels are all single-axis tracking, which was determined to be the most cost effective technology to deploy. The farm is currently interconnected to the local electrical grid and allows the university to offset it's electricity use over the course of the year. However, options are being studied for an associated storage system that will allow the university to maximize the value of the electricity produced.

The new solar farm not only offsets UQ's energy usage, but provides a useful learning and research resource for students studying engineering degrees at the University.For more information about the UQ system , visit the website or watch the video.