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OWOE - Amazing Energy - wind-turbines
Generating Electricity from Turbulance
The Capture Mobility wind turbine is a new design concept that has helical blades that rotate in a horizontal plane rather than the traditional vertical plane, which allows it to capture sources of energy that other turbines cannot. This configuration allows it to harness the energy from air flowing in any direction and generate electricity. It is particularly suited to utilize the turbulance created by vehicles traveling on roads to rotate the blades. The turbine is lightweight and only 1.2 meters tall.

As added features, the turbine incorporates solar petals at the top to captue solar energy and filtering sheets in the blades to remove smog creating particles from the air. Each unit is capable of generating up to 0.3 kW of power. Although, individually, this is a small amount, considering that on a major roadway turbulance is a 24/7 occurrance that doesn't depend on weather, this is sufficient to power a small home. Capture Mobility was named a finalist for Falling Walls Science Start-up of the Year 2015 and a Shell Let's Go Trade Award.

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