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The World’s Environment Cannot Survive Justin Trudeau (CCP)
August 4, 2021

Guest blog by S. A. Shelley: I know that this is supposed to be an energy blog, but for quite some time energy has become entangled with the environment, and rightly so because energy extraction and energy use affect the environment.

On a global front, China recently announced plans to increase coal production by over 110 million tonnes this year while continuing with plans to build hundreds of coal power plants in order to increase energy supply to its growing population. To counter this voracious coal burning in China, Canada seeks to become the world's environmental saviour by curtailing all fossil fuel production and use and aiming for a net zero economy as quickly as possible. What the hapless dimwits in Ottawa fail to understand is that the increase in Chinese coal power output, equivalent to the entire energy output of the German economy, will dwarf all the carbon savings proposed by Ottawa by several factors of magnitude. One can take every car or truck off the road in Canada, park it in a field to grow grass and it won't be enough to offset any of China's new coal power CO2 emissions.  A nation can have lots of energy and a growing population with a growing standard of living or an idyllic green place with serene melodies wafting through the air, but not both.

As always though, the Canadian spin on the matter is exacerbated by the horrendous hypocrisy of the politicians. I've written previous blogs explaining how badly Canada is messing up its energy priorities, ostensibly with the Federal Liberal Party aim of environmental salvation but covertly in the name of bankrupting the Western provinces while enriching the Liberal clans in the East.

Justin Trudeau, Chief Carbon Polluter (CCP)

For this blog, let's look at the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who I proclaim is the Chief Carbon Polluter (CCP) in Canada.

A bit of biographical background about Justin Trudeau, CCP. He's the walking definition of patriarchal privilege. His grandfather was a wealthy lumber baron, his father was a charming and intelligent statesman, and Justin is a high school drama teacher who wears colorful socks. His conceit is only matched by his confusion: Ask him about bottled drinking water and he'll ramble about drinking water from box bottle things. But enough Trudeau, CCP, bashing, for the editorial team here frown upon that (even though Trudeau, CCP, deserves to be bashed quite often)

In July of this year, Justin Trudeau, CCP, flew across Canada for three days to meet with a couple of premiers for a few hours each time. Trudeau, CCP, doesn't fly commercially, he flies on a large, government military plane. An ordinary Canadian flying commercially between Ottawa and Calgary, on an almost full commercial airplane (an Airbus A220 at 95% capacity) would generate about 1/4 tonne per hour of flying, totaling about 1-1/4 tonnes for the flight.  However, when Justin Trudeau, CCP, flies on the similar Airbus military plane, it is not full of other passengers. Instead, it carries only about 30 people, staff, handlers, etc. meaning that each person on that plane is personally responsible for about 6 tonnes of carbon emissions. During the July trip he hopped from Ottawa to Calgary to Vancouver then back, emitting almost 15 tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. And, if you consider that the other 29 people on the plane are only there to support him, he is directly and indirectly responsible for the total of about 450 tonnes on one trip!

How Much CO2 Does JT Emit?

The average Canadian is responsible for 16 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. In just three days, Justin Trudeau, CCP, emitted almost as much carbon, 15 tonnes (Fig. 1).

Figure 1: Comparing CO2 Emissions in Canada

Extrapolating to an annual basis, the Prime Minister emits at least 780 tonnes of Carbon into the atmosphere (Fig.1). Perhaps the reason that Trudeau, CCP, flies so often is that he can't learn how to use Zoom or MS Teams?

It Is More than 780 Tonnes per Annum

Justin Trudeau's, CCP, privilege for flying is not a singular occurrence and he's had no qualms about hopping on a government jet to go across the country just to go surfing for a few days. It is very likely that he annually causes over 780 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and most likely more (Fig. 2).

Figure 2: Comparing Annual CO2 Emissions in Canada

In Fig.2 the legend refers to "Two Jets" because during the last federal election campaign in Canada, he flew around with two campaign jets. That was the first time that any Canadian politician had gone to such excess, especially in the face of the greenhouse gas emergency. For the sake of the global climate, let's hope it is the last.

Another particularly egregious example of his gross excesses for traveling occurred in 2019. In 2019, during the height of the SNC Lavalin scandal, Trudeau, CCP, flew back and forth from Florida to Ottawa four times in one week during his vacation.  This resulted in him personally contributing again at least 16 tonnes of carbon emissions in 1 week to the global effort to curtail climate change. The Federal Liberal party of course quickly greenwashed those trips by claiming that the Prime Minister offset those flights with purchased carbon offsets. However, when I, an experienced engineer with knowledge and expertise about energy and environmental matters, looked into the offsets, they were fuzzy math at best and Liberal Party connected for certain. Perhaps that's why progressives like Trudeau, CCP, argue against strict, patriarchal math because such methods reveal corruption too easily? Perhaps that is also why the Prime Minister has developed a penchant for obscuring flight manifests and hiding his travels.

Most recently, Trudeau, CCP, even sent by air courier Montreal Smoked meat to the U.S. President. I suppose it's only fitting since Canadians have been paying for the meathead to fly about for so long that Canadians might as well pay for meat to fly.

Federal Liberal Privilege to Abuse the Environment is Common

The sad part is that this is not just a Trudeau, CCP, thing. During the height of the pandemic last year, during a time when governments at all levels implored Canadians to stay home and not travel, the Federal Health Minister, Patty Hajdu, flew back and forth between Ottawa and her home in Thunder Bay four times over six weeks, as the single passenger on a government plane. Those trips resulted in another 4 tonnes of carbon emissions. Does anyone in the Federal Liberal Party know how to use Zoom or MS Teams?

On May 6 of 2020, the Federal Government (the Liberals) used three (3) government jets to fly 9 staffers from Ottawa to Trenton. Does anyone in the Federal Liberal Party know how to coordinate a schedule?

What about Plastic Bottles?

The astute reader may notice that I referred to Dunderhead's inability to articulate a response to a question about his personal use of plastic water bottles. Again during 2019's election year, after the Federal Liberal party announced a ban on single use plastics, the Prime Minister, CCP, was asked about his family's personal use of water bottles. That resulted in the hilarious "Box-water-bottle" gaff (see again). Subsequently, it was revealed that Trudeau's, CCP, family was buying $300 per month of bottled water. This amounts to roughly 1600 water bottles a month. Do I need to plot the vast difference between the average Canadian's water bottle usage and that of the privileged Consumer in Chief Polluter (CCP) (Fig. 3), or is it safe to conclude again that Justin Trudeau, CCP, is an egregious climate hypocrite?

Figure 3: Comparing Annual Single Use Plastic Water Bottle Consumption in Canada

Does anyone in the Federal Liberal party know how to turn on a tap in Canada's cities? Canada’s cities are blessed with an abundance of clean, safe drinking water.

The World Cannot Survive Justin Two-Jets Any Longer

The Federal Liberal party penchant for damaging the environment apparently knows no bounds, but for the planet's sake, we can't have Justin Trudeau, CCP,  flying around because of his privilege. Where are the Greta's of the world when their friends are so phony? There is a difference between virtuous people and people who virtue signal. The latter want the best for everyone else but only after maximizing their personal benefit. Justin Trudeau, CCP, is not a climate champion, he is a climate fraud and the world cannot survive such climate fraudsters for much longer.


Vive l'Alberta Libre! Shut down Line 5!

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