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Interesting Energy Stories You May Have Missed
April 1, 2023

Guest blog by Yumusbe Joacquin: Here are some interesting and somewhat offbeat energy stories that haven't gotten much media attention over the past year.

Wind Turbines Causing Earth to Speed Up

In 2020 scientists noticed that the earth's rotation had begun to speed up. Historically, the earth has been slowing down, primarily due to the drag created by the gravitation effect of the moon. The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) has been adding leap seconds every now and again to make up for the slower spin (which last happened on December 31, 2016). However, there were 28 days in 2020 where the earth actually spun faster than any time during the previous 60 years. And on July 26, 2022, the earth completed its quickest-ever spin with a rotation that was 1.50 milliseconds less than its nominal 24-hours.

One group of earth scientists at the Phox Institute for Truth in Science (PITS) believes that they have discovered the reason. The earth spins on its axis in the west-to-east direction. This generates a Coriolis effect which results in a predominant wind flow also in the west-to-east direction. When this wind flow interacts with wind turbines that are being installed around the world and spins their blades to produce electricity, there is a net horizontal force exerted on the turbine. This force is transmitted down the tower and pushes on the surface of the earth in the same direction as its natural spin, thus increasing its speed. The more turbines, the more force and the faster the spin (Fig 1).

Fig. 1: Force Diagram Explaining the Coupling of Wind Direction and Earth Spin Acceleration (Blah Blah Bunny not to scale)

Although 1.5 milliseconds doesn't seem to be a very large number, the earth's spin rate will continue to increase as the aggregate number of installed turbines increases. Once again, renewable energy is impacting the planet in unforeseen and possibly damaging ways. We could very well experience more rain in California, and more hot air in Washington , D.C.

High Population Numbers Are Contributing to Global Temperature Increase

Collaborative research undertaken at the School of International Contagions at Queen's University in Sweden (SIQ), and at the school of Assumptive Science and Studies (ASS) at Fordstan University in California, has found strong evidence suggesting that human population growth may actually be a root cause of global warming. The average human expends approximately 350kJ (100W) of energy per hour. The majority of this energy is used to power the biomechanical and biochemical systems that make us function. However, as we are imperfect machines, some of that energy is lost as waste heat to the environment. Experimental measurements suggest that as much as 10% of human energy is lost as waste heat, or about 35kJ per hour. It takes about 355 kJ of heat energy to bring 1 liter of freshwater to boil from room temperature. Thus, in one day, an average human could boil 3 liters of water and, over a year, close to 2,000 liters of water. Humans are remarkable heat pumps.

The SIQ ASS researchers then postulated that human population growth could be adding significantly to the warming of the planet (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: Population Growth ( and Global Temperature Change ( over Time

It became apparent that humanity was outputting tremendous amounts of waste heat energy to the environment which in turn was contributing to global temperature change. This relationship between population growth and temperature warming accelerated with population growth. But the researchers were also puzzled by the jumps in the rate of temperature change over the last 70 years. In another stroke of brilliance, Dr. Ivanna Bekuuler of SIQ, found that the jumps in temperature change rates correlated with global pandemics (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3: Population Growth and Accelerated Global Temperature Change Coinciding with Pandemics (

Dr. BeKuuler believes that during pandemics, when people become ill and febrile, they output more waste heat to the environment.  To mitigate the warming effect of humans, the SIQ ASS team recommends that: 1) people take vaccines to prevent illness with fevers, and 2) people chill and be cool as much as possible.

Other researchers and inventors are trying to find means to harness all this extra human waste energy though the deployment of wearable thermo-electric generator clothing. The survival of the human species could depend on these actions.

Update on Coal Slaw

Several years ago OWOE shared the information about a new, non-farmed food source called Coal Slaw (Fig. 4) that had been developed at the Massachusetts Technology Institute (MTI). Although the US military adopted the product very early to use in its MREs, commercial success has lagged. However, the principal investigator for the development, Dr. Feuer in der Hosen, in an exclusive interview with OWOE, explained that Coal Slaw has now successfully passed clinical testing and that folks who tried it claim that "once you get past the black color and distinctive odor, it's actually quite good". An added plus is that the FDA certified the product as "vegan". They are now looking for venture capital to start a consumer "re-education" process and begin commercial production.

Fig. 4: News Released Photo of Coal Based Synthetic Lettuce used in Coal Slaw
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