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OWOE eTools - Find fun and informative interactive tools to solve energy problems and learn about energy, including special OWOE designed tools and links to other tools available on the internet.
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This online calculation tool shows how the average person can reduce their carbon footprint by making changes in their home and lifestyle.
This online carbon footprint calculation tool enables you to calculate your personal or business carbon footprint following the methodology outlined by the UK Government.
Calculate how much money you can save paying for electricity to drive an EV compared to gas with an ICE.
Estimate the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with driving an electric vehicle.
Calculate your carbon footprint, considering housing, travel and consumption.
An electric car guide from PG&E to estimate and compare costs, savings, EV incentives, and more.
To find out the climate impact of what you eat and drink, choose from one of the 34 items in the calculator and pick how often you have it.
eGallon: Compare the costs of driving with electricity in your state
Determine the amount of energy produced by a solar panel or a wind turbine anywhere in the world.
From gallons to British thermal units (Btu), kilowatthours to megajoules - this handy calculator converts from one energy unit to another.
UT Austin has two tools to help better understand electricity cost in the US: LCOE interactive map and LCOE calculator