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OWOE eTools - Find fun and informative interactive tools to solve energy problems and learn about energy, including special OWOE designed tools and links to other tools available on the internet.
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Calculate how much money you can save paying for electricity to drive an EV compared to gas with an ICE.
An electric car guide from PG&E to estimate and compare costs, savings, EV incentives, and more.
Navigate the complex energy marketplace to identify the best electricity plan for a specific location.
See a breakdown of the costs of solar panels and learn how to reduce installation costs by taking advantage of tax credits.
A series visualizations that show such things as capacity, LCoE and PPA prices for utility scale solar and wind installations across the US.
eGallon: Compare the costs of driving with electricity in your state
UT Austin has two tools to help better understand electricity cost in the US: LCOE interactive map and LCOE calculator