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OWOE - Other Renewables Energy - What are other types of renewable energy sources?
  Figure 1 - Sources of renewable energy (earthlyissues)
Figure 1 - Sources of renewable energy (earthlyissues)
What are other types of renewable energy sources?
Topic updated: 2015-09-01

When people think of renewable energy sources nowadays, the focus ends to be on wind and solar power. However, there are five primary sources of renewable power (as illustrated in Figure 1). In the United States hydroelectric power, which comes from water flow, typically associated with large dams, has historically been the largest source of renewable power. Approximately 6% of the total power generated in the US is from hydroelectric, out of 13% for all renewable sources combined. At the end of 2014 hydroelectric was displaced temporarily by wind power due to ongoing drought and water supply issues.

Geothermal power is another important renewable source that derives from the heat that exists within the earth's surface. At the end of 2014 geothermal power made up just under 0.5% of total US generation. It is believed that this amount can be increased significantly.

Biomass power derives from biological matter that is converted to energy via a variety of processes. Modern forms of biomass include wood residues and urban/industrial waste, which is burned in a boiler, gasification of biomaterials, which generates natural gas, fermentation of biomaterials, which produces methane gas that is then burned, and liquefaction of biomaterials to produce biofuels used primarily for transportation. At the end of 2014 biomass power from all sources made up about 1.5% of total US generation.

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